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The statement "We Want To Be Your Bank" has been our bank's basic philosophy, since our beginning in 1913. Over a century ago, a small group of local people started Citizens Community Bank, in Pilot Grove. Over those many years, our bank has been proud to assist local business people, farmers, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers and other area residents, with their day-to-day financial service needs.

Although, for many years, the Pilot Grove banking location served customers all over Cooper County and some in surrounding counties, the bank branched-out to neighboring Boonville and Blackwater, so growing customer needs could be met. The communities of Boonville and Blackwater find our new branch offices to be modern, convenient and attractive.

  • Citizens Community Bank is a "community" bank.
  • We have over a century of experience serving the financial service needs of small communities.
  • Local decision-making helps us respond promptly, to your banking needs, and we pride ourselves on giving "personal service".
  • And, we also understand the need to stay abreast of the constantly changing technology that enhances the speed, at which we do business these days; evidenced by our web-site and the addition of e-banking, to our banking products.

If you have been a customer of our bank, "thank you, for your business"! If you are not a customer, here, yet, we welcome the opportunity to serve your banking needs. Call, stop by or "click".