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Introducing Enhanced Online Security

Citizens Community Bank is working hard to add additional security measures to our online banking services so that our customers have the confidence that their information is being protected.

Citizens Community Bank will be adding an additional layer of security that will change the way you log into our internet banking service. These changes will provide even greater levels of protection against fraudulent attacks such as phishing, spoofing, key logging and identify theft. All users will be required to select challenge questions and answers.

The final level of the new security is the authentication of your computer. Citizens Community Bank has the ability to recognize the computer or computers from which you usually log on. If our system detects a suspicious login due to an unfamiliar computer, it will automatically present you with challenge questions that were previously selected.


Step 1: Login using your User Code.

Step 2: Select your challenge questions and provide your answers.

Step 3: Select whether to register this computer. (Note: Only register personal computers that you frequently use and are not available for public use.)

Step 4: Select NEXT

The next time you log onto our internet banking service, Citizens Community Bank will recognize you. If we donít recognize the computer you are using to log in, we will ask you to answer one of the security questions you previously created.

Will customers need to do anything differently when logging into online banking?
Customers will use the same login process when accessing Retail or Business Online banking. After entering their Access ID, they will simply look to verify the website URL address bar is green and then enter their password.

What is the Extended Validation SSL Certificate?
It is a more secure site certificate that enables special features in client browsers to demonstrate increased trust in the site they are accessing.

How will I know when I am accessing the enhanced site?
For most users accessing a site with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, the URL bar will turn green and you will see UFS, LLC listed. All major browsers have slightly different methods of displaying an EV enabled website

Is Multi Factor Authentication less secure without the Image and Pass Phrase?
No. The upgrade to MFA 2.0 in July of 2014 introduced adaptive authentication technology. This technology takes a risk based approach to enabling strong multifactor authentication device forensics and behavioral analysis. It utilizes the following data elements to identify the device:

  • User-agent String app name, version, host operating system, language
  • User Screen information color depth, width, height and vertical space
  • Software Plug-ins software plug-ins installed on the userís browser
  • Current Time userís current time-zone
  • Language userís browser language
  • Java whether Java is enabled
  • Cookies whether cookies are enabled